Taking the “Age” Out of “Agency”

I have a dream that one day, marketing communicators will not be judged on the quantity of time they put into the industry, but the quality of work they created.

I have a dream that one day, the powers-that-be in the marketing industry will no longer base success on how long they’ve had an account, but how the brand itself has grown.

And finally, I have a dream that more new businesses will take chances on new marketing firms, because new establishments deserve new agencies that encourage and run with new ideas.

Ageism- unfortunately a more than common practice in the marketing communications industry. And we are all guilty of it. The seasoned executive looks down wearily at the newbie structuring a press release, and the web-savvy newbie sits uncomfortable and frustrated as the seasoned executive struggles to create a Facebook page.

Times are changing, folks. Why can’t we focus on ideas and talents now instead of age and experience? Don’t get me wrong, experience is necessary in certain aspects, but I am from the school of thought that if the talent is there, the experience will follow.

Don’t get sucked into that silly, old-fashioned thinking. If you want something new, be daring and find those fresh-thinking practitioners that are risking their necks to pioneer change in the industry.

One thought on “Taking the “Age” Out of “Agency”

  1. AMEN, Dwayne! Don’t get me wrong. There are many superb professionals out there who have benefited from experience. But I’ve met just as many who trumpet their twenty-five or thirty years in the business as their primary qualifications. Often, those are the ones who seem to have lived the same year 25 or 30 years in a row. I guess experience is a factor to consider to some degree when choosing a consultant or agent. But this industry, in particular, puts way too much emphasis on it. I’d suggest folks also look at the actual work the professional has done, get into his/her/their approach to a project, and so on. Thanks for hitting it on the head once again!

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