A Modest Proposal: Changing the Voter System in America will Benefit the Nation*

Let’s face the facts:
An overwhelming percentage of Americans do not exercise their “right” to vote
-The average American takes American history and their freedom(s) for granted
-The way voting is done in the U.S. could be done more efficiently

 The solution: Give everyone the right to be able to vote, by taking a short test proving they have the mental capacity of making an informed decision.

 This solution would not only create a better, informed voter base, but it would also eliminate costs, voter error, and improve the way civil studies is taught in schools.

Why is this concept so far-fetched? When immigrants come to America, they must pass an exam about the U.S. and its history to be an American citizen, why should us ‘natural citizens’ be any different? (sidenote, I got a 97 out of 100, aw yea)

 If one astutely reads the Federalist Papers, some of our forefathers (James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton- in case you didn’t know the authors) were deathly afraid of the majority (the American people) voting for elected officials. That’s why the Electoral College was created, so the informed few could overrule the uninformed mass in federal government elections. True story. Things were a little bit different back then though- the majority of the people had little experience in political affairs, bias media outlets and had little to no knowledge of their current or prospective elected officials- wait, maybe things weren’t THAT different after all.

Below are a few reasons why a national exam to exercise voting should be considered:

 Creates incentive:
No one in the U.S. is allowed to operate an automobile without proving capable, right? What’s the difference in choosing people that represent how one’s quality of life will be? People do not realize the power they have until it’s gone. So why not take it away? Making people learn and appreciate their power of voting can:
-Improve civil studies departments in high schools across the nation
-Create a broader base of informed citizens
-Encourage more people to vote because they crossed an obstacle (the exam) to do so
-Empowers the voting base and takes away power from the incumbent elected officials

 Eliminates the Free Rider Problem (“free rider” defined as one who takes no effort to learn about the situation, but votes based on no real data or information):
Free riders- a problem seen constantly in the free enterprise environment. Applied here, those free-riding people who either refuse to take the test, or take the test and fail, don’t vote. Therefore eliminating the risk of officials being elected by those who don’t know or understand the situation.

 Eliminates Dead Weight Loss (DWL defined as those people who have the right to vote, but don’t, the value of all lost votes):
Like the first reason, because the exam creates more value in a person’s right to vote, the voter turnout will more than likely increase. If turnout does not increase overall, than the number of “informed voters” (though an unreasonable metric at the present) will increase.

 Lowers Costs of Elections:
The exam will undoubtedly decrease a percentage of those who are currently voting. But with that being the case, the costs of reaching the masses will decrease, making it easier for apt leaders to run for office.

 Now this solution does not guarantee that the right decisions will be made and the right leaders will be elected. No, this solution only lowers the risk of the wrong decisions being made, and the wrong leaders being elected. Now write to your Congressmen and push for this to be created!

*Caveat: A totally satirical post. Yes, I am fully aware that implementing a test for American citizens to vote goes against the very foundation it was fought for. But seriously people, read about the history and background of political situations before you open your mouths. You don’t sound patriotic…you sound stupid. I think it’s a slap in the faces of those whom are informed to have their decisions to be weighed the same as the morons who “vote with their gut.” And if you’re offended by this post, then I guess you’re one of them.

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