Behind Every Good Leader Stand People WAY Better Than Them

It’s about time I did something like this.

So my partner, John Dermott and I have been at this whole “running a business thing” since January 2009. We’ve experienced highs, lows and “what the heck just happened”s  and I wouldn’t trade any of those experiences for the world.

But to say that it was just us two doing this, would do my entire support system a huge injustice. So with that being said, I want to give a quick shout out to those people behind the curtains that have helped us chug along.

First, all those business leaders and entrepreneurs in my life that shared their enthusiasm in seeing two young guys sprinting to their dreams. You all are awesome.

To my parents. All the late night phone calls, reality checks, business advice and overall life lessons that have shaped me into the businessman I think I am.

To all my Moon Area High School and Elon University friends who are shocked that John and I are not wildly successful yet. Thanks for the high expectations and I promise we’ll deliver.

Of course, to the big guy himself, my partner Johnny D. His creative mind and talent is second to none, and we’ll take over the Charlotte marketing community soon enough.

To all those stupid banks out there- Bank of America, Wachovia, Bank of Granite, First Citizens, Bank of Commerce, to name a few. Thank you for pissing me off so much to realize that instead of messing with you idiots, we’ll go private. Go on wasting that stimulus money and shunning small businesses. Never liked you in the first place.

Last and certainly not least, to a special little lady. Only been a part of my life for a little bit, but when I needed a smile, you delivered. And I thank you.

There, now that’s out way. Haha, and just because I thanked you all now, doesn’t mean we don’t need you anymore. You all make us successful. Also, if I have forgotten you, please feel free to yell at me, I probably deserve it.




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