Why Marketing Communications and the Perfect Beer are alike

From going to networking event to networking event, I have noticed one thing when it comes to our lovely industry: we all share a wonderful appreciation for the adult beverage (all in moderation, of course). So as an informal ode to it, I devised several traits that both marketing communications and beer have in common. Enjoy.

1. Takes time to be perfect:

Like a medium bodied lager, or the hoppy, aged ale, a marketing communications tactic that is satisfying to the palate takes time, effort and talent. No random person on the street can be a brewmaster. Likewise, no random person can write or create a solid MarCom plan.

2. Can take different forms:

Who can stick with just one type of beer? Can one really give up the heavy-bodied porter, or the stout with the caramel and coffee aftertaste? Or the Belgian wheat? Keeping your taste buds entertained and guessing makes the experience of consuming so delightful. The same goes with marketing communications. Writing a press release, creating copy of an ad, building a business plan all take a different piece of skill. Also, a marketing plan for a bookstore will be completely different from a marketing plan for a hospital, right?

Marketing communications enables professionals to deal with all sorts of public relations, advertising and marketing situations. Don’t shy away from the different forms, enjoy every single one.

3. It is not for everyone:

To say that beer is for the masses would be foolish. There are some who prefer the taste of a wine cooler, others a neat glass of scotch. Others just do not have the taste for beer. And others still may have a family or physical issue that prohibits this kind of drink in their diet.

Not every organization needs the whole spectrum of marketing communications. If someone is trying to sell you the whole she-bang; be weary of them. What engineering firm is going to dedicate its communications to Facebook? Is a plastics company’s stakeholders really going to care if project managers change out the plates and update them on Twitter? Be relevant.

4. Catch the Eye:

There is a beer out there called “Arrogant Bastard.” Come on, who wouldn’t want to have a taste? And then there is Victory’s “Golden Monkey”, in quite a cool-looking label and the elixir inside is just as captivating.

Messages need to be catchy and attention-grabbing to succeed. But you all know that, so I’ll move on.

5. It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere!

” Beer. Not Just for Breakfast.” If you want it, need it, or just feel like making room in your fridge, there is no reason not to crack one open and enjoy.

Marketing communications will always be needed; whether in one’s personal or professional arena, well-crafted messages will continue to make the world go round.

That’s it, have a good weekend all! And have one for me.



2 thoughts on “Why Marketing Communications and the Perfect Beer are alike

  1. Very poignant and a very realistic comparison. Loved it : )

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