A New “Justice” System Needed?

An opinion from a naive mind…

From the science field, to the economics field, to the marketing field, all the way to the education field, there is one principle of human behavior that we can all agree on:  people operate and respond to incentives.

So why doesn’t the United States Justice system realize that?

Please, do not get me wrong, I am not an opponent to fairness. I agree that fairness should operate in most arenas. However, I am weary of it when it comes to curbing behavior- especially behavior that society wants to erase.

There are not many suggestions I have for the United States government. Most of that stuff is far beyond my scope of things, but on this subject I believe I have a point.

For example, one drunk driving incident in Europe is an extremely hefty fine and automatically a year or so in prison (coincidence that Europe has better drivers than the U.S.?) In the U.S., it takes, what, THREE incidents of a DUI to be considered a felony? In a nation that has stricter alcohol laws than anyone around, I found that to be interesting.

Now look at the example. Which system provides a better incentive of NOT getting a DUI? The first one clearly has a negative opportunity cost.

So, below are three crimes and my suggested penalties. I would like to hear your responses.

1. Bribery/Embezzlement/etc.: Loss of ALL of their property. Split up to those deserving of the funds. Pays for damages. Not allowed to own property again.

2. Manslaughter/Murder/etc.: Tricky, because I am not a fan of the death penalty. But I would also take all of their property and place it in the name of the victims. Also, the one who took the life is responsible for all the victim’s debts. Not allowed out in public unless in a bright RED suit. (I am all about public embarrassment).

3. Perjury/Slander/Lying/etc.: You see, in our industry, this means so much to me, so I can think up some pretty bad punishment for this. However, I will stay away from physically harming another person. this one would be shunned to solitary  confinement.

Incentives. Thoughts? I mean, call it stupid, brilliant, crazy or bizarre, I think the point-if anything- is valid.

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