Back to Basics…

Whew, the past couple weeks have been crazy!

I’ll try to get you all up to date:

Charlotte STYLE Magazine will be launching its first PRINTED Magazine in June. Waahoo! Check out this blog or to find out when the launch party will be and what locations in Charlotte will carry it.

A congrats is in order for Compliments Custom Clothier! Signing professionals left and right and is becoming a force in the custom clothing arena. Once DW4R gets their web site up, take a look at their clients.

We also have big things in store for the Juneteenth Festival of the Carolinas! There is still some space left for sponsors and vendors for the Festival (June 19-21) so contact me at or stop by the House of Africa on Thomas St. for more information.

Lastly, and certainly not least- are you looking for a chance of pace for a weekend? Want a new activity for a night out, or a date? Try out Cajun Canvas. Not only can you just paint for fun…you can bring your own beer and/or wine! I’m sold.

Okay, I’m done.

And a big thank you to David and Alecia from dna13. I am looking a little more closely at on-demand PR software and they responded to my pleas on twitter and we had a good conversation.



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