Mainstream Marketing America isn’t Listening? Join a (Marketing) Cult

There are cult movies. There are cult musicians. And of course, there are those infamous, elixir drinking, pill-popping, religious groups. But now ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you- a marketing cult.

A marketing cult isn’t that bad, who knows, it may be the exact thing you’re looking for. Avoid this mainstream garbage and interact with this small group of people that share the same idea. The same people that believe the current leaders of communications are on the decline. The same people that believe new communications and techniques can’t come unless there are new ideas and new people. The same people that believe this whole politically correct phase is disgusting, and love controversy, open communication, and the weird and whacky.

Join the marketing cult.

Come to the organization where the only brainwashing is providing you the ability to communicate to whomever, wherever and however you want. No politics in this group. Want to offend someone? Please do, as long as it’s the truth, this cult won’t stop you. In fact, we’ll do our best to support you. Hell, we’ll even dare you.

I know that Mainstream Marketing America doesn’t accept you. When you want to do something innovative, or change a company’s mission, they just brush you off, don’t they? Some may even say nasty things like “our model has worked for decades,” or “nice thought, we’ll keep that in mind,” and even “there’s no way to measure it; it doesn’t provide any value.” We understand that we have an uphill battle to fight. You are not alone.

Join the marketing cult.

But sometimes you sense hope, right? You find someone who proclaims change and innovation, genius and no-holds-barred tactics. Only to realize that you’ve been tricked into the same old, traditional communications models. Or you meet those “thought leaders” that are honestly trying to implement change, but refuse those who represent the change to take the lead. Have no fear, we’re here to fix that.

This marketing cult represents the newest wave of marketing communications. A wave that will not rise above the noise, but will be the noise. Some trends fade out as quickly as they shined through. Unfortunately for those “thought” leaders that believe that, they are sadly mistaken. This is not just a wave, but a movement. Either join the marketing cult-the new minds of marketing communications- or be moved out of the way.

Join the marketing cult.

2 thoughts on “Mainstream Marketing America isn’t Listening? Join a (Marketing) Cult

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