The Great Reset

While banks continue to hold a firm grip on their wallets, and our “leaders” in Washington run around with their heads cut off, the businesspeople and economists in America are trying to figure out what lies ahead. Though things are slow, and seems like it will continue to be the case for at least one to two more quarters, the extra time allows these great minds to think of the next best thing for the economy. Or, like the way a professor from George Mason phrased it on NPR, to prepare during the “great reset” of the economy.

That phrase, the great reset is much more applicable than depression, or the economic downsize. As society and the American economy changes, certain activities become obsolete. It is natural for systems to change. A ten year old child would look and interact differently than a 18-year old, so the economy in the late 1990’s would change as it matured.

This applies to the marketing and communications field as well. Let us be the town criers for this society and let our audiences know about the new, innovative and unconventional ideas that are circulating. Let us be the gatekeepers the current media only wish they could be. Help bring change by letting loose communication- stop the censoring, let ideas go crazy. Help make a difference.

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