Influence Perception, Rule the World.

Below are a few simple questions. Take a look and remember your answers.

1. How much is a dollar really worth?
2. How much would you pay for happiness?
3. How much is the stock market truly worth?
4. How long would you listen to someone you WANT to listen to, versus someone you NEED to listen to; and is there a difference?

The most exciting thing about marketing and communications is that the industry is faced with crazy questions like the ones above every day. Let’s take the first question for example- the paper the dollar is printed on is only worth a few cents, so how in the world is it worth 20 nickels, or 10 dimes, or four quarters or 100 pennies?

Again, and again and again…it is always about perception. Because we perceive and believe that the dollar is worth that much, it is. That simple.

As communicators, we have to be aware of how our audiences perceive their surroundings, in order for  effective dialogue to take place.  

But once you get to a point where you can influence perception around your messages and activities, you’re going to be one heck of a communicator.

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