Stop Censoring Ourselves!

There are times where being sensitive and politically correct is the right path.  It feels good to please everyone possible, and to be smooth-edged and polite.

But in the marketing and communications industry, that policy has to change.

Bart Cleveland wrote a great AdAge article about how our industry has gotten so politically correct that PROFESSIONALS are afraid to offend someone.

Let me repeat myself: professional marketers and communicators are afraid to offend someone. How dare you be in this industry and be afraid to go against the grain and speak your mind.

Thank you Bart, and the columnist Bart quoted in his article. The day our entire industry goes totally PC is the day the communications as we know it dies. Not everyone is going to like the messages people and businesses send out to the public, who cares? I would rather apologize after the fact, then to run out the door waving a white flag before even trying. That’s ridiculous. If we didn’t want creative marketing and advertising then why hire creative directors, create marketing departments, or even have communications?



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