Neo-Conservatism. Ah yes, a phrase the educated, non-partisans, liberals, and Bush Administration haters came to know and love. But with the new tide of change coming to and through America, let us not forget that there is an entire spectrum of thought when it comes to political school.

Disclosure: I am neither a Democrat nor Republican. I have as many liberal views as  I do conservative ones. I, like many professional communicators, tend to look down all sides of the aisle to make sure I’m aware of the ridiculous and interesting things our representatives are doing.

When Bush began to craft the Bush Doctrine (his foreign policy in the Middle East and War on Terrorism/for Oil) the term neo-conservatism began to fill the air due to the uber religious, staunch Israeli-supporting, rich conservatives whom filled the Bush ranks. We have seen how the past eight years have done the country. Now the country wants something different. Totally different. This new, Obama administration will be, as I don it,the birth of the neo-liberalism era.

(Predicted) Characteristics of Neo-Liberalism:
Note: These predicted characteristics describe the ultimate neo-liberal, I am not describing the everyday liberal…if there is such thing. 

-BIG Government: Obvious, due to the fragile economy, poor infrastructure and overall brand image of Washington, the federal government is going to turn its wallet inside and out for the next couple of years.

-Emphasis on Science: Another obvious, but be aware of how far these neo-liberals would want to go. Idon’twant to speculate too much, but there will be messaging coming to American citizens about drastic measures- that I can assure you.

-Increased Separation of Church and State: Watch this development. With a President who is all-in with respect to Pro-Choice, the pro-life supporters could lose a lot of ground. If you want to find a job in lobbying, the pro-life camp will be hiring. This element will be exciting to watch.

– Won’t do what’s right, but what makes sense: The neo-liberal will be at the top echelon of education. I’m talking serious brain-power. I would not be surprised to hear theories of Utility (the greatest good) come from this administration. Some predicted examples? Hm, a permanent adoption of roe v.wade, nationalization of the U.S. education system, and obviously, universal healthcare. 

In any case, this has truly been an election to remember. But America needs to pay attention, do not get caught in the want for something so different, because you just might get it.

One thought on “Neo…Liberalism?

  1. Interesting angle. I might challenge the notion that neoconservatism has a corollary in the current liberal tide.

    Neoconservatism owes more of its ethos to disgruntled 1960s liberals than the traditional conservative movement of William F. Buckley and company.

    The liberalism that boosted Obama, is as traditional as FDR.

    I think it’s intriguing to ponder the existence of neo-liberals. I’d be more inclined to paint Bill Clinton with that brush, though.

    Clinton, of course, was the best Republican president we ever had! 😉


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