A Visit from Charlotte Mayor Pat McCory

Tuesday night Charlotte Young Professionals had its monthly meeting and it featured Mayor Pat McCory who talked about his tenure as mayor and gave us young and talented professionals some food for thought. Below are a few quips that really hit home for me:

Be Passionate: Mayor McCory is not successful because he happened to be in the right city at the right time. As I listened to him, he still shined with enthusiasm when he talked about Charlotte, and what the Queen City can become. If every business leader had 3/4 of the passion Mayor McCory has, capitalism as we know it would be on a whole different level.

Be and have a Mentor: No doubt talent, skill and passion will make a good leader, but having and being a mentor will make a great leader. McCory told CYP about his mentor as mayor, and how he was always able to bounce ideas off him and how his mentor grounded him or lifted him up when necessary. Now McCory took his place, this mayor started the Mayor Mentorship Alliance, helping kids who don’t have anyone to lookup to find their way to become productive members of our society.

Step UP: Mayor McCory made it clear that his generation is on the way out, and ours is just picking up speed. It is not wrong to research and learn what the previous generation did, but don’t be afraid to shake up or even destroy that status quo.  Innovation and new schools of thought can only happen when someone decides to “take the road less traveled by.”

Overall, I enjoyed listening to Mayor McCory. One of the few republicans I actually have a deep respect for. What he did to Charlotte in 15 years is amazing, and cannot go without acknowledgement that he set our generation up for success. He set us up, so now we got to step up and knock ’em down.

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