Generation Y Communications

So if you know me, I have been pretty focused on this rift between us new generation of communicators and those of current and late. So vocal in fact, I just recently closed a question I asked about that on LinkedIn, and even got an editorial about it published in Brandweek. I am sick and tired of these current powers constantly lagging behind the trends of our society. GenerationY is rising quickly in purchasing power in the United States and already many of today’sleading brands are paying attention.

Old Spice ads have been targeting the 18-30 year old male population for the past couple of years now.

Can you convince me that Hardee’s Restaurants are trying to get 40+ year olds to visit their site to make their own Thickburger commercials? Doubtful.

So if the marketing messages are beginning to target Generation Y, why can’t Gen Y slowly move to the decision-making table?  I know some are, but it is taking waay too long. 

Some people (including some who answered my LinkedIn question) suggested that I stop complaining and do something about it.


Be careful what you wish for.

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